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We hope that many people will enjoy not just the 6th Retrospective Ollon-Villars but also our splendid region. Our prime aim is to see historic vehicles driven between the village of Ollon and the resort of Villars.

On leaving Ollon the route will be bordered by the celebreated vineyards for which the village is well known. As the elevation increases the vineyards are replaced by areas of forestry and green fields. Beyond the vineyards the land owners allow access for spectators to follow the action from a slightly closer viewpoint. Parking places will be set up in fields close to the course.

Please follow the following:
Always keep to the deignated spectator areas
Never enter areas marked with 'PUBLIC INTERDIT' signs (this means 'Public Prohibited'!)
Observe the markers and bunting marking out the viewing areas
Keep all gates closed and avoid private property
Leave the areas you visit at least as clean as they were when you arrived or better still cleaner!
Use the rubbish bins provided for you.
Our event could not take place without the assistance and understanding of the vineyards and farmers who own the land through which we run. We thank them wholeheartedly for their support.
Public zones - Access
For your safety and that of our participants and officials please observe the instructions of the marshals and the advice given in the programme and on signs around the course. Please also visit our web page SAFETY.

The centre of the village of Ollon will be completely reserved for the event participants. And there will be absolutely nowhere available to park during the days the event is running.

A large car park is at your disposal at the Carrière des Andonces (motorway exit of St-Triphon). Shuttle buses run from 08:00 to 19:00 and will allow you to reach the VIP Zone and the center of the village of Ollon in a few minutes, the heart of the event.

It will be possible to access some sections of the courseas shown below:
En Epesse and Glutieres: Parking will be available in fields near the course. These will be signposted from the main road between Bex and Aigle.

Huémoz and Chesières: Parking will ONLY be accessible when the road is open. You will not be able to leave in your vehicle whilst the runs are in progress. Only once the Course Closing Car has passed is access to the road permitted.

Villars: There are many areas in which it will be possible to park. Please follow the instructions provided by the marshals and observe parking restrictions.
Access by the PUBLIC to the area between Glutieres and Huemoz is strictly prohibited. Please observe this restriction.