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Eligible vehicles - 2017
Our main aim is to maintain the ambience of the period in which the original Ollon-Villars Hill Climbs were run.
We are often asked why limit the vehicles to those from 1971 and before simple really - that was the last year the original event ran!
The organisers reserve the right to accept entries from participants with exceptional vehicles which do not meet any of the classes below but which meet the spirit of the event.

We accept entries from any vehicles in the classes detailed below:
Class 1: Proto, Barquetta, 1950-1971
Class 2: Formula 1-2-3 Junior-Ford, 1958- 1971
Class 3: Grand Prix Car 1930-1958
Class 4: Saloon Car, Gr2, Gr4, 1963-1971
Class 5: Supersport, Can-Am, Grand Prix Car 1971-1983
Class 6: Race Motorbike, 1930-1974
Class 7: Race Side-Car, 1950-1971
Entry fees
CHF 430.00 per Car, Gala dinner at Villars (Saturday evening) for driver included (without room)
CHF 200.00 per Motorbike, dinner at Ollon* - 3-course meal (Saturday evening) for driver included (without room)
CHF 250.00 per Side-Car, dinner at Ollon* - 3-course meal (Saturday evening) for driver and co-driver included (without room)
CHF 35.00: *Gala dinner at Villars instead of dinner in Ollon / per person
CHF 70.00: Additional Gala dinner at Villars (Saturday evening) per person => limited seating
CHF 35.00: Additional Dinner at Ollon 3-course meal (Saturday evening) per person
CHF 20.00: DVD of 2017 edition
 Entry Form
 Demande d'admission
Thank you for your interest in our event and we hope to welcome you to our region. Please complete an entry form for your vehicle.
You should complete both pages (including the general regulations) and also provide us with as many pictures of your vehicle as possible.
Please Note: Entries returned without a signature will not be accepted.

In order that we can ensure the safety requirements expected of us by the authorities for all drivers, marshals and the general public we are only able to accept a limited number of entries. Previous events have always been over-subscribed so an early application will help to ensure you are not disappointed.

Where necessary the organizers reserve the right to accept or reject entries at their sole discretion.