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Dear Visitor,
Our event runs over a closed road as permitted under the LCR (Road Closing Order). The climbs are NOT timed and the drivers and riders are taking paert completely at their own risk.

Classic vehicle events such as this will always present a degree of danger. Please respect the instructions of the on course marshals and take note of the advice below:

Look after your own safety
Always choose a place out of danger to watch the action. Make sure you are not in a placd where a vehicle is likely to go off course and never stand below the hill.

Walking on the hill is prohibited
Never walk on the hill. A break in the running does not mean that the hill is clear or the demonstration runs have been suspended. Always wait for the Course Closing car to pass you before trying to leave using the track.

Listen to the Marshals
Be reasonable, listen to the marshals and obey their requests even of you think they are not correct. They are all volunteers without whom you would not have an event to enjoy. They are not here to prevent you having a good time but to ensure that the event is completely safe for everyone at all times. Be aware that if marshals feel your are behaving unreasonably or have deliberately ignored their requests the event will be cancelled!
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